Hot and New 2018 Flooring Trends

When it comes to picking out new flooring in your home, we have found it can be difficult and overwhelming sometimes for our customers. There are so many options, styles, looks, colors, sizes, and brands to choose from. Many of our customers don’t know where to start or what’s in style today and also what advances there are in flooring here and now in 2018. So we at Sasser Flooring have compiled a list of our Top 5 Hot and Trendy Floors for 2018.


  • Grey Wood”- Grey wood grain overtones in LVP/LVT, Hardwoods, and even tile have been steadily gaining popularity in the flooring industry. More and More of the LVPs and Tiles we sell here seem to be on the gray color spectrum or have touches of grey somewhere on the product. In particular for 2018 it seems that along with the gray color scheme comes the trendy wood grain look as well. So if you like wood looks and want to renovate your home with a 2018 style, the grey wood look might be for you.


  • “Tile Wood Planks”- Tile planks have been a huge hit the past few years, but we are seeing a ton of our vendors selling tile wood planks. The tile planks are still 100% tile they just are made to mimic natural wood grains. This allows you to have tile where you want it and still give you the classic wood grain look that so many people love. If you’re in love with wood flooring, but really want tile this may be perfect for you.


  • Wide Style Planks”- Hardwood and LVP planks have been around for a while in the flooring industry, but here recently we have noticed a major game changer for these products. In 2018 the hot and trendy style for LVP is wider planks. Typically over the last few years or so you would have gotten a 4” or 5” plank, but now our vendors are saying that the 6”, 7”, and 9” planks are what is in these days. If you’re wanting LVP that gives you a unique look go with the wide LVP.


  • Engineered Hardwood”- This product is 100% hardwood flooring, however the composition of the wood is the only difference. Engineered Hardwood offers customers hardwood flooring that they want at a price they can afford. Also its structure differs from solid hardwood in the fact that it is built in overlapping layers that are bonded together to make up the core of the plank. The surface of the hardwood is absolutely no different than prefinished solid hardwood, and most people can’t tell the difference between the two when they are both installed. Engineered hardwood also offers a much bigger color and style selection than solid as well, so if you in the market for hardwood and you’re on a budget this may be what you’re looking for in 2018.


  • Rustic or Wire Brushed Look”- This floor design has really been growing rapidly in our industry. We find that more and more of our customers want a rustic or distressed wood look. This style floor really gives you a multitude of color options and textures to choose from. Whether it be saw marks or wire brushed wood the selection is really incredible. If you love antiques and rustic décor than look for this style flooring in 2018


We hope this article gives you an idea of what is popular and what trending in 2018. However each customer is different and likes their own personal styles. So don’t be discourage if you don’t like any of these trendy styles, give us a call and we will walk you through the selection process. There is a perfect floor for everyone, let us at Sasser flooring help you find it today!

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